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T3 Tactical Trauma Treatment Bandage, Israeli Bandage Australia

T3 Military Tactical Trauma Treatment Wound Dressing (green)


T3 Military Tactical Trauma Treatment Wound Dressing (green)


Firstcare Military & Civilian Emergency Bandages is the leading trauma care bandage for work, play and travel. All you need in one bandage for any serious bleeds you may come across.

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Firstcare T3 Tactical Trauma Treatment Bandage ‘Israeli’ T3 Emergency Bandage 10x17cm

T3 Tactical Trauma Treatment provides a multi-functional solution to a wide range of injuries in a compact package. It not just designed for the military but is designed for any industry or activity with a high risk of serious bleeding. The bandage is easy to use for all skill levels. This emergency Israeli battle dressing can help stop serious bleeding.

The Israeli bandage T3 allows cleaning, packing, coverage, and compression of single and multiple wounds in addition to the treatment of conventional wounds, abdominal and large wounds, amputation, entrance /exit wounds, and more.

Features of Israeli T3 Emergency Bandage

t3 tactical trauma treatment bandage (Israeli Bandage)

Application of T3 Tactical Trauma Treatment Bandage

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